LeBron James’ Net Worth, Salary, and How He Spends His Money

LeBron James’ Net Worth, Salary, and How He Spends His Money

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LeBron James is one of the most accomplished athletes in sports history.King James is a four-time NBA champion, four-time league MVP, and 19-time All-Star. He has also broken virtually every record the NBA has to offer — including passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the league’s all-time scoring crown.However, after the Lakers’ loss in the 2023 Western Conference Finals, LeBron hinted at retirement for the first time. Despite the admission, there are still plenty of reasons to think he will keep playing, including his past insistence on playing alongside his sons in the pros. The man who refers to himself as “just a kid from Akron” has amassed amazing cars and houses while achieving his goal of becoming a billion-dollar athlete.

Below we take a look at the fabulous and, at times, somewhat ordinary family life of King James. Tony Manfred and Emmett Knowlton contributed to this report.

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