Radha Mohan Wednesday 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update on Zee World

Radha Mohan Wednesday 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update on Zee World

Radha Mohan Wednesday 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update on Zee World: In this blog post, we will discuss the written episode update of “Radha Mohan” which was aired on Zee World on May 10, 2023. The episode features Mohan keeping Radha’s share amount on a guy’s hand and asking him why he is coming in between Radha and her God. Later, Radha and Mohan go for shopping where they come across a guy who looks similar to Radha. Meanwhile, Kaveri tries to burn the things which she used to disguise herself. To know what happened next, keep reading!

Radha Mohan 10 May 2023
Mohan keeps Radha’s share amount on that guy’s hand. He asks him that why the latter coming in between Radha and her God. He asks Radha that if she finished her shopping. Radha nods at him. He takes her from there. He says that, that guy looks similar to her. She praises that guy. He tells her that, that guy looked clingy type. She tells him that he unnecessarily got angry at that guy. She adds that it’s not like she is going to meet that guy again. He tells her that he can’t handle someone like her. She tells Sundari that there was so many designs of God’s clothes. Mohan says that they bought the best one. Sundari says that she is glad that work got completed which confuses Mohan.
Kaveri tries to burn the things which she used to disguises herself. Damini notices that and runs to stop her. Kaveri gets shocked seeing Mohan. Damini notices the wig. Mohan asks Kaveri that why she is burning them. Damini takes Mohan from there before he sees the wig.
Radha shows God’s clothes to her family. Damini tells Kadambari that they can leave for shopping. Mohan asks her to wait until they chooses a guy for Radha. Damini tells him that she is talking about her marriage shopping. She reminds him that they are getting married. He says that he is not able to concentrate on anything because of Radha. Sundari sends Radha inside the house. She tells Mohan that Gungun is kid but how can he behave like that. Kadambari asks her that what happened. Sundari tells her everything. She tells Mohan that he tried a lot to ruin her work still it got completed. He asks her that she is talking about which work. She tells him that he will learn about it soon. Ketki finds the wig. She wonders that why Kaveri was burning this.
Gungun tells Mohan that she is tensed. Mohan tells her that Sundari must be lying to scare them. Sundari informs him that she found a guy for Radha which shocks everyone. One lady comes there and greets Sundari and others. Sundari asks Latha about her son. One guy enters the house. Radha recalls that how she met him in the bazaar. Sundari introduces Latha and Ridhay to her family. She reveals that Latha wants Radha as her daughter in law.
Mohan remembers seeing Ridhay in the bazaar. Damini says that Radha and Ridhay looks like Ram and Sita jodi. She asks maid Dulari to arrange sweets for guests. Kadambari asks them to sit. Gungun says that they can’t let Radha’s marriage happen with a stranger. She tells Latha that they are not interested in this marriage.
Kadambari asks Mohan to take Radha inside. Mohan says that Gungun is right. Kaveri reveals that she took Radha to the bazaar so Radha and Ridhay can meet each other. He asks her that if she asked Radha’s decision. Rameshwar tells him that Radha and Ridhay’s decision matters for him. Mohan takes Gungun inside on Kadambari’s behest. Damini tells Kaveri that Mohan will try to ruin this relationship.
Kadambari apologizes to Latha on behalf of Gungun. Radha sits beside Ridhay on Damini’s behest. She keeps Krishna’s idol on the table. Ridhay keeps Radha’s idol on the table. Damini says that they are made for each other. Mohan and Gungun badmouths about Ridhay. Latha tells Kadambari that looks like Mohan also attached to Radha. She talks about newspaper article too.
Radha is sitting meanwhile Lata jee explains Radha was with Mohan and it seems that he is really fond of her, Kadambari replies not only Mohan but they all have been really fond of Radha since she is really caring and even Gungun has become really close with Radha, she exclaims even Mohan is worried that Gungun might feel lonely once Radha gets married, Damini at once questions why is she worrying because she would also get married to Mohan so would never let her feel that Radha has gotten married when Kadambari replies she doesnot have to worry. Lata jee once again exclaims even then she has gotten really close to both Mohan and Gungun, Kadambari replies that she is like that and always cares for everyone.
Mohan and Gungun are talking, he is really angry explaining that Hriday is not match for her, Gungun exclaims Radha is really sweet when Mohan replies she is sweet and cares for everyone but he felt that Hriday is fake because of the way he was talking about Radha, Gungun questions if it is all fake then what is real, Mohan also gets worried so mentions he has a plan but for that needs her help, she slaps on his hand agreeing to do anything. Mohan advises there is no need to hit the next time, he asks Shekar to come at once since there is urgency when he assures, he would do anything to oust him.
Damini praises Dadi for finding the best match for Radha, Kaveri also praises that they both are the perfect match for each other, Ketki is angry thinking they both would get Radha married today if it was up to them, Ajit exclaims even she feels Radha should not get married, Ketki replies she doesnot have any concern but feels as if Damini and Kaveri are both planning something, Ajit is confused when she explains that she saw something which they all are unaware off.
Radha is sitting with the Hriday when she wonders why is she feeling so tensed so prays to Bihari jee that everything is sorted, Mohan standing behind them is taking pictures of both Radha and Hriday, Lata jee notices it so questions what is he doing, he replies he was taking photo of Radha and Hriday together so he can see if they both look good as a couple. Damini exclaims she has longed to see Radha as a couple, kaveri feels Mohan has agreed to her marriage but Damini replies she feels he is thinking about something, which they have to find out.
Lata jee replies she really liked Radha and would have taken her back if it was up to her, Dadi asks why are they waiting as they can discuss the preparation’s, Gungun stops them all and coming to Dadi asks what is the hurry, she should first ask some questions to check if he is suitable for Radha, Kadambari saw worried. Tulsi thinks they both would have surely made a plan.Damini advises her to go and play in the room, Hriday assures there is nothing to be worried about as children’s are like the Bhagwan so they cannot refuse, Kadambari exclaims if they donot have any problem then everything is fine, she asks Gungun to not misbehave.
Gungun instructs him to stand then signals Radha to move aside, she questions what does he do, he informs he is a Pandit, Gungun inquires about the Mandir, so he reveals the location. She then asks where does he live, he informs her about the address, Tulsi sees that Mohan is writing the information. Gungun then asks about the phone number, Kaveri exclaims she is still asking then what is the need for these questions, he reveals the contact. Gungun then questions if he does any work besides being a pandit, he replies he has done a course in wildlife photography. Mohan walks out of the house which worries Damini.
Mohan stops Shekar from entering the house, he insists on taking the blessings of Chachi jee. Mohan explains that he wants to find out the information about this person, Shekar I shocked seeing the photo and explains if this is the same person then Radha would be trapped, Damini in anger exclaims how they both were teasing them but have now joined forces. Mohan signals Gungun to come outside, Damini tries to follow but Kadambari stops her questioning where is she going since the guests are sitting.
Mohan informs Gungun he must go somewhere but she needs to make sure that Radha doesnot accept all the decisions so they are not able to arrange the date of the wedding, he signals her to go inside when she stops him saying she knows he would not let the marriage happen. Mohan signals her to hug him when she gets a little tensed, he feels that their differences might not have ended but she then hugs him. Mohan feels delighted and so sends her back inside, he exclaims he had to do all the work today otherwise would have hugged her even more.
Hriday assures Gungun can ask any question which she feels like, she asks how did his father die hearing which he gets tensed. Kadambari advises Radha to prepare something for Hriday as he did not have anything to eat, he replies this cannot happen which worries them all, Kadambari requests him to not feel bad since Gungun is just a child, he replies it is not that but he doesnot eat until he gives the food to his Radharani, Hriday requests Radha to bring some Parshad for Radharani, he kneels picking the parshad. Gungun wonders where is Mohan gone to, thinking if he doesnot come back then they would surely get her married.
Mohan reaches the location, he inquiries from a woman if she knows anything about this man, she in shock replies he would not believe the crime which that person has committed. Mohan requests her to come with him but she refuses to get involved.
Radha inquires why does Hriday always keep the Radharani alone since Bihari jee should always be with him, he exclaims she also keeps Bihari jee alone. When Radha replies it is because of the love that he has for her, Hriday questions if she feels the love of Radharani doesnot have that intensity, he feels that no one can love like her, Dadi exclaims that they both loved each other which is why their example is given even today. Dadi mentions that even their couple feels the same, Lata jee asks Radha to think before giving the final decision as her family loves her a lot, Tulsi thinks she would never have thought about the couple of Mohan and Radha but what is the truth, she wonders who is the better option for Radha.
The entire family is looking at Radha, Gungun rushes out after hearing the horn of Mohan’s car, he inquires why is she standing outside so she replies that Radha is about to agree to the marriage and if it happens she will never talk with him again, he explains it is nothing to cry about as Hriday is not suitable for Radha. Mohan vows to not let Radha get married to Hriday.

In conclusion, the episode was full of twists and turns, leaving the audience in anticipation of what will happen next. With Mohan’s mysterious behavior and Kaveri’s attempt to burn her disguise, the audience is sure to be in for a treat in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned to “Radha Mohan” to find out what happens next!

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