Shopping at Trader Joe’s for Easy Meals and Snacks for 2, What I Buy

Shopping at Trader Joe’s for Easy Meals and Snacks for 2, What I Buy

I shop at Trader Joe’s for two — recently, we had no kitchen for a year during a remodel.
We used a lot of simple, premade ingredients from Trader Joe’s and our grill to prepare meals. 
I love Trader Joe’s salad with BBQ-flavored chicken, Romano Caesar dressing, and burrata. 

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I’ve been grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s for as long as I can remember.I’ve frequented many Trader Joe’s across Southern California as I believe the chain’s prices are better compared to local grocery stores of similar quality. Plus the chain’s changing seasonal items always make me excited to eat and cook something new.Recently, my husband and I didn’t have a kitchen for close to a year due to extensive renovations in our home. During that time, we cooked with a Weber grill (with a griddle) in our backyard, used a refrigerator we plugged in outside, and washed dishes in a utility sink in our garage. I often prepared meals on top of our washer and dryer.It wasn’t ideal, but we quickly developed a solid list of grocery staples from Trader Joe’s that prioritized simple and convenient recipes, snacks, and meals. 

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